Season's Greetings

Hi guys

Wanted to do the seasons greetings and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and the hope that all your wishes come true. Be happy, healthy and let’s have a 2011 that’s better and more accomplished.

I know I haven’t been much active here lately but I have been stuck in a lot of problems, here is a heads up on my personal occupations:

  • Redecorating my house
  • I now have a full time job ( since july ), and it’s taking a lot of time
  • I was busy doing my bachelor’s thesis but it’s ok and I graduated, I did it in the area of genetic algorithms, clustering, graphics
  • I am now studying artificial intelligence in master school

Everybody here on ADC Portal send you warm regards and best wishes, and let’s move on the ADC world once again.
And remember to drink and eat and have the most fun as possible during the holidays :smiley:

Season greetings Pietry

Saw that your studying AI how about an AI bot for ADC ? :slight_smile: a bot that could learn how to chat or something

Building a chat bot is a great challange for any AI enthusiast, and building it has nothing to do with ADC. Ofcourse one can adapt any chatting bot to send messages to a hub :slight_smile:
So perhaps one day I could try to build such a simple bot but I’m not sure who would benefit from it :slight_smile: and what would be useful to :slight_smile:
( Just perhaps having fun trying to see stupid guys trying to hook up chat bot :slight_smile:

entertain value pietry not everything has to have useful purpose and it would still be popular :slight_smile: