[12:12:24] the main site should have more sections
[12:12:30] about adc - what it is
[12:12:32] what can it do
[12:12:34] adc extensions
[12:12:36] adc software
[12:12:37] adc people

  • how can a normal user contribute
  • make some groups for each adc software… like apexdc, dc++, dshub etc
  • let users join the group , make the group appear in their desc
  • in the group, the group manager will have a private forum with his users, like a kind of course they enroll
  • also like some kind of disciples who are learning from the software creator and keep in touch with the latest development
  • so they could answer questions posted by lesser users who just want to know something
  • so let any developer ( group leader ) have its own blog and even his own subforum ( public and private area would be nice , also possibility do download files directly)
  • he should also be able to upload files , etc
  • let the leader assign ranks to the people in his group : example : expert, begginer in his soft ( about soft knowledge )
  • or programmer or something ( about soft developing )
  • let the groups interact by sending messages to other groups as a ticket so that other software could relate to it ( example : dshub sends ticket to apexdc saying : - get rid of those chinese funny chars when hub disconnects with STA message )
  • let normal users ask for support to some group where not just the leader has to answer but all the members ( an expert or master of that soft should be able to answer most of the normal questions )
    this is my idea of a nice community building here on adcportal

i like Pietry 's suggestion and in particular this point:

Because without a minimum of knowledge it is very difficult to be active (out of the traditional “funny corner” which is present in most forums :stuck_out_tongue: ) and usefull for the community .

regarding requests in this topic, I’ll work on them as soon as I can find the time… (not all of them just some) :slight_smile:

i got an idea not sure if its possible but stil it would be cool

here i go ill try to explain it as good as i can

to have the largest adchub displayed at the front page of like this

Most Users Ever Detected on: - it had a total of

it should download the xml file from and check users and hubsoft and name of hub and remeber the stats this isnt a nessery feat but it would be cool to have :smiley:

The Blog thing for ADC People where ppl can setup thier own small corner for themself and speak thier mind pehaps with a profilelook over the person kinda like a private area for the user thats connected to the forum