Supporting basic stuff out of the box

So from the start ADCH++ was pretty much an empty shell as i previously stated in other posts so how far along is it now, well it has the some of the basic features like ban, ban messages, configuration access inside the hub but its still missing crucial basic features which i’ve approach poy about several times over the last year. Features like share limit settings, redirect settings, command limit settings these are core basic stuff that should be in ADCH++ out of the box not supported by a 3rd party script. i’ve so far requested it on the official thread and in DCDev both on my own accord and on the behalf of the hubowners that actually use ADCH++ and it kinda saddens me over the discussion had with poy the other evening that we might rely on 3rd party scripts to ptokax instead of implementing this on our own.

To quote poy exactly:

[19:56] find a scripter willing to rewrite all those PtokaX scripts to ADCH++ native then… little incentive for me to do so since my adchpp-ptokax takes care of it.

So i urge hubowners that uses adch++ or have an general interest in development to use this thread on launchpad to show that there is interest from our part to have it implemented instead of relying on 3rd party scripts

Spread the message and lets see if we can get somewhere by showing strength in numbers.

Having more “crucial” features in ADCH++ would influence a hub owner’s decision on whether to switch to ADC. If that hub owner decides to stick to NMDC hubs because of the available scripts then all your hard work has not paid off. I’d say that was a pretty decent incentive.

I couldnt agree more Lee.

Down here at numpty level , where most potential hub owners and users are , we need simplicity.

In what ever we do in life if you cannot make a new version of something easier and simpler to use than what it is replacing then it will eventually fail no matter what the underlying benefits maybe.

Adc hubsofts should have kicked on by now, and out of the box should require nothing, just because devs are able to add in things and make them more functional for themselves doesnt mean that all people can,or have any inclination to do so, some will try for a while but if they dont see that its going to become inbuilt they will just return to what they know works, or give up all together.

If new hub owners cannot over time be found DC++ dies its that simple, as devs its a critical challenge you face to convince new people that what you are developing is worth their time and effort to get up and running and keep on line.

meanwhile for hubowners to get minimum share in adchpp they gotta rely on these scripts from ptokax board