The ADCPortal Wiki, on ice...

As of today I confirmed that the recent issues with the ADCPortal Wiki, that appeared after recent SourceForge maintenance, are caused by matters beyond our control. That is to say that our mediawiki installation (like all mediawiki installations on SF project web spaces, ie. not hosted apps, that I am aware of) is unavailable for, as of now, an indefinite amount of time. The data itself is intact on the servers, hence why it is just unavailable and not gone. This is to say that if someone has a spare web space or server around that can comfortably host a small to medium traffic site such as this then please do tell us.

Now I guess I am supposed to end this with something positive, so lets say that out of the maintenance that caused this issue for us the several good things came about one of them is outgoing emails being allowed (well that is what it says on the docs, that said as of now they fail to work),

Update: 20:22 2011-02-18 Wiki is working again on SF - Toast

I won’t mind hosting the wiki in my house until this is solved, but I must warn the server is a bit loaded and has a slow connection.

we are working on it and we think we got a temp solution done but thx for the offer :slight_smile:

You are welcome guys. If by any reason you need some host for the project again feel free to send me an e-mail :smiley: