The hunt for a console client

Thought i do a small post about something thats missing these days on direct connect

As standards gets updated some projects becomes incompatible with the current protocol and users gets mad for things not working as they dont in the past.

This is whats happened to a client called microdc2 as time has gone on and no updates has come to this client its fallen behind now incapable of downloading uploading from DC++

and no alternatives in sight since nanodc hasnt updated thier client for 2 whole years safe to say that project is dead however new clients pops up very often but not a minimal console client this must be very frustrating for linux users that wants a console client so if you are a developer that wanna do a client do a console client my guess that you will have a fanbase pretty fast with request up to your ears :wink:

a simple start is to base it of the dclib 50% of the work is already done basicly that way you get all the nessary protocols like adc adcs nmdc right out of the box…

anyways just a small rant from me now off to work again cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

p.s for every person that really want a console client comment this post :smiley: lets see how large the demand is

Friend of mine is writing a python based console client which is currently on hold due to exams. We were considering integrating into dtella to allow a complete package if people dont want to use GUI clients.

Having said that, a geniune uptodate console client might be rather good.

/me ponders how much free time exists over the summer

Indeed it would be great to have a up2date console client :slight_smile:

Just for the note, mldonkey can be a good alternative (for NMDC), though it has no ADC support right now :frowning:

I’m actually thinking of starting on this after I finish my current project. I was looking for an ADC-compliant CLI client for Linux, but apparently none exist. I’m going to take the dclib and fight with it for a bit to see what I can accomplish (I am by no means a C++ expert). Anyone who wants to help contribute is welcome to.

I would be up for that. I was thinking of using ncurses as the main interface in a similar way to rtorrent.

As for programming, I think I am sufficently qualified to call myself a C/C++ programmer.


I hadn’t noticed this topic earlier. Has there been anything progress in this direction?

I’m asking since I recently - a few months ago or so - started on a text-mode DC client as well. Its current focus is still on NMDC, but I’d love to support ADC in the future as well. The client is currently far from complete, but nonetheless already in a fairly usable state.

Homepage of the client can be found at - feedback and help is obviously very welcome. :slight_smile:

I was thinking of looking at this fairly soon.

However, the plan was always to use the DC core which already has most of the support already programmed in an OS-neutral way.

I will anounce when I get started.