To be java extended hublist ?

Today I tried to check out on my own the JexHls. What is JexHls ? It stands for Java Extended Hublist and Pinger. The purpose of this project is to provide a simple and easy way for one to create it’s own hublist. This implies the both ways one can achieve this goal : either by pinging the hubs periodically or by hubs autoregistering on the hublist. Either way, JexHls supports it ( autoregistering partially ).
JexHls is using a command line interface, and the MySQL server to keep a database of the recorded hubs.
After looking over the project, I can point the following:

  • using Java, the project becomes multiplatform.
  • reg server only working for NMDC.
  • pinger working for both NMDC and ADC.
  • no ADCS reference, not supported.
  • no GUI, or website framework for the hublist.
  • there is no source code package in the files section, however, the project is under GNU Public License.
  • very poor documentation, no manual, just basic readme.

The software has a forum for posting bugs, but not much interest seems to be out there.
I wasn’t able to make the program work , I was trying to use the wizard to setup the database, but it seems that:
Trying to create tables…

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `bans` (`address` mediumtext,`reason` mediumtext,`date` mediumtext) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
java.sql.SQLException: Can not issue data manipulation statements with executeQuery().
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at base.MySQL.simpleQuery(
        at base.FirstRun.<init>(
        at hublistserver.Main.main(

The program seems to be in a still early stage of development. I couldn’t test how much of the PING extension and what other features have been implemented.

We here at ADCPortal wish the best of luck for the developer and invite him officially to take a role of Developer in the ADCPortal status system, and fill in the blanks about his project. We also hope that we will see a new version that will probably be better and with more features. Until then, we appreciate and we thank the developer for his commitment and the time he has been paying to the world of ADC.

I’m the developer, and sorrily I had absolutely no time for it during my semester. But now I may have some until September. Sadly I’ve forgotten a lot about the protocol since then, but I hope not too much :smiley:

Anyway, I would like to point out that the source code is (and was) available through SVN. I think it’s better for everyone then a rarely packaged one. And if I remember well, that was the only bug I fixed since last summer, which I see in the post, and uploaded the fix to SVN, but not sure…

And I had some “consultation” at some ADC developer HUB last summer, I don’t know if those were you, or not :slight_smile:

But thanks for giving the software a little “ad” :slight_smile:

You are welcome ! Don’t forget to ask any questions you have on this forum, we will be glad to help ! Also you can post feedback about your project so people can see you are working on it.
You can create a page for it on our wiki as well !

I’m working now on ADC HUB registration, so I would like to ask some hub owner to send regs to this address: (btw. is there a default ADC regserver port?)

want a real dns instead could provide you one instead of a no-ip adress for testing purposes

Thanks, but I’m using it because I have no fix ip, and my router could update the no-ip dns, if it reconnects :slight_smile:

problem with such an dns is that no major client will accept it into their repo due to breach of TOS from no-ip

  • use of web redirects for distributed file sharing software and networks
  • copyright infringement

I don’t want it to be in clients, I just registered it yesterday so I can receive regs to test. I have a server with dedicated bandwith, and a “normal” dns to it, but I’m developing and testing the software home, that’s why I needed some kind of dynamic dns.
And right now I’m not intended to make a (or restart my) hublist, I’m just developing it for everyone else.

Okok the offer still stands if your interested :slight_smile:

Now I have a testable version, but no one sends a single reg…maybe they don’t like my dns as you said :slight_smile:
Could we set yours to update itself automatically? Or at least there is an easy method for me to update when my router reconnects?

there is a way to do that drop by dcdev and we will discuss it :slight_smile:

OK, maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Cool ill see you after work then about 15 GMT +1

Umm, I’m sorry, but I’ve lost my last year’s xmls :blush:
So, what is the hub addres? :unamused: