Upcoming Detection List

not exactly ^^

Well don’t keep me waiting, show me already :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Got a small request for Regexp tester

instead of a match button it could change colour if it matches example follows in pic even if it could have a little output windows for the regexp if its possible :slight_smile:

For Adrian:

Since u left DCDev in a hurry i didnt get the change to say why i wanted this feat and why its necessary for me to have it and why it can be useful for more people then me

    1. This is way better then that boring “match” button
  1. This is a much better way for people that are unsure about regexp to learn and see their mistake in regexps.
  2. Better overall view of regexp patterns.

and since thier is gonna be a regexp tester in the CDM why not take the time to do a new one there aswell and not use old code aslo this would mean no 3rd part software for me to make my client profiles if this could be done.

i want the regexp buddy look of regexp tester way better handling as i stated in this post

but i don’t want to play with richedit ctrl, this would take much more than CEdit + CButton … and it won’t bring any improvements, just better feel’n’look

Question of all of the built in parameters

TA = Tag
CO = Connection
SU = Support
ST = State

mind giving me the complete rundown ?