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Howdy Folks

Lately ive been busy (really busy!!) so im sorry for the lack of posts but im back to announce that development moves forward in a huge way so whats new whats up and what going on thats what im here to indulge in.
We begin with protocol, we pushed a new minor on ADC Extensions

BLOM (Introduced into the spec)
UCMD (Changed in spec)

So what is bloom well a bloom filter is a bandwidth saver that remembers tths (searches, share etc) if a client and a hub server has both they change information to each other there by saving bandwidth.
Say that your searching for a file then the bloom filter goes in and intercepts the TTH stores it and when a user that has that file enters the hub it sends the request to that user establishing a connection thus saving bandwidth instead of just spamming the same search over and over again.

Ok enough about protocol lets move on to software we released another version of ADCH++ (yay) im exited new stuff well more CFG commands isntead of lua hacking some fixes to loading files within ADCH++ with ptokax api loaded (btw hi PPK and Mutor)


(sry had to) now another nice thing that the soft has is a fix to ghost users thats been an issue for some time now.

Now last but not least DC++ (not a release in sight yet) some nice additions to it however like reconnect rates in case of it being used for shitty purposes thus not port hammering as much as previous clients.
Also Crise supplied a patch for the plugin API in case someone wanna try it i have and its working great so far
with the api you get access to media players and lua api the only ones created so far.
lets hope that gets me up to speed with the current happenings on the ADC Side.

ohh btw hubowners NMDC and ADC enable tags in your hubsofts we are collecting stats with the help of DCHublist on version used and we would appreciate your help in giving us those stats so some tags please :slight_smile:
Have a nice summer

Toast (Maintainer of ADCPortal)