Version Control System

Is there anybody who used multiple version control systems and has a general opinion about them ?

I’ve used CVS (bad) and SVN (alright i suppose. only any good when combined with TortoiseSVN).
Very limited experience of Bazaar, might be better with a tortoise style interface (being worked on).
Git is also meant to be good, but not tried it. But it has the best name of the lot. :smiley:

I’m using bazaar with dc++, had some issues…
seems to be better in the command line, but still I don’t like it too much.
svn remains my favourite.

It’s actually very difficult to say “this one is better” (except respective SCM developer). Rather, they all have different features, speed etc. I think the best bet would be to come to grips on what features you want; how often you merge; whether you want a central repository; whether you want to be able to check in offline; whether you need to diff quickly and easily; how large the (central) repository is (storage issue, also ability to check out only specific parts of the repository); scripting ability; the ability to (re)move files, etc.

and also the repository and its functions is only one of the parts, the method of using it (being tortoise / web / command line etc) is another, even if the total experience are them combined.

To me it seems that the newer the system, the more flexible it is, but even old cvs gets the job done.

Recently I tried the commercial Perforce, which combines features from everybody ( cvs, svn, git ), and it’s quite simple to use. Strange at start but it’s ok after some time.