What are your other interests then (A)DC?

Well here is an question that i thought would be interesting in the quality to get to know each other a little bit better.

What are your other interests besides (Advanced) Direct Connect ?

Well i guess ill start out since i made the thread :slight_smile:

Ive been a DJ for the last 12 years (no not a big shot yet) still i play some one internet radio stations appearing on a show here and there :slight_smile: last gig was on http://www.sense.fm had a 1 hour set mix play for a couple of thousand ppl :slight_smile:

my latest production was a remix on Benny Benassi that i provided a small sample on the net at my blog that i maintain horribly http://www.progressive-attitude.com/

That track got played at a trance party in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago which made me quite happy :slight_smile:

Other then DJ’ing i have a work with developing a RPG Game for Wicked World making tracks, ideas etc. Been doing that for a couple of years as well.

and p.s i have a normal crap (7-16) job as well.

Hope more will add some stuff about them to get a closer community here at ADCPortal :slight_smile:

The usual beer women football and cars interests for me:D Ah, and not to forget Toast, he knows I love him :smiling_imp:

I´m into beers , harley´s, snowmobiles.
And searching for the bumsafe program out there

some things are better kept private :laughing:

well, i have a gf since many many years, and we used to have horses even if we dont right now. bikes is a lot of fun, and I read and collect books (mainly sf from the 50- & 60-thies).

so basicly im just another weird geek :stuck_out_tongue:

I like pie

Come on a little bit of seriousness is requested in the thread…

well, ok, will make some input here :wink:

i’m a student on university (it), 19 years old, with no life… (ok, kidding :stuck_out_tongue:)
from most of things i like… programming (yeah, i’m odd). beside that, i like cycling, doing some work around house, especially in my small ‘garden’ :smiley:
also i like red wine (if you want support rsx++ development, you can send me a bottle of porto :smiley:) and intelligent girls (don’t like girls that talk too much or don’t have anything interesting to say…)
from time to time i like play voleyball ^^
and - which is pretty odd from my friend’s point of view - i don’t like computer games (with little exceptions) =)

And they were laughing at dshub being winohub :laughing:
It seems that RSX has some wine experience too :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a student at computer engineering in Romania, not a bright student like some people here already know, and seen on their own watching dshub development :stuck_out_tongue:
One of other things I enjoy a lot is driving and fixing cars, also really-seen geography I mean traveling around the country knowing each part I visit ( of course the lack of time prevents me from wondering around too much, also gasoline price since I have no job yet… ).
Now this is gonna sound strange but I actually enjoy reading ( who does in these days huh ?) of weird novels especially psychological modernist or post-modernist meaning 20th century not old style boring crap that they ask you to read in schools.

i too enjoy reading, but not only modern works, the oldies fare just as well, and the things they make us read in school aren’t bad, it’s just that students reject everthing that is imposed upon them.

As for other things, i enjoy spending time with the peeps, staying at the disco till 5 a.m., and winter is my favored season(me loves when it snows, it somehow makes me feel like when i was a small child, and that feeling is priceless).

My main interest should be learning for the BAC exam that i’m having at the begining of this summer, but as i said before studen’t don’t like to do stuff that is imposed onto them :sunglasses:

why so serious? sorry, had to do it.

single, 38 in Colorado been using DC for 5 years or so. I’m a tv junkie: 24, Lost, BSG, Terminator, Smallville, Friday NIght LIghts, Earl, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men. Been playing around with Drupal (CMS) for the last year or so. My parents are not cousins and I really do like pie.

damn, I am pretty boring and lame.

I hate winter. I’m kinda summer guy…like the sun and warm feeling. Winter is good but just for a day or so then it gets bad. Too much snow has too many minuses than advantages. Can’t wait another summer to stay on the beach, drink cold beer,feel the sun entering my skin and looking at the water in the sea… :mrgreen:

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FINALLY. Aawergh I’m ½ color-blind, 'em anti-spambot image validation letters/digits have messed with me for, well, I’ve tried registering for weeks, but have messed something up every time and it only gives you one fair shot until this delay wait, and by then my ADD has taken my mind someplace else! ;D

However, finally made it, so here I am. I love graffiti and bomboxing. Also National Geographix and crusty’s serials w/ cocoa taste. During weekends I usually chill-out with my beloved one. We eaze-back alot.


Well welcome :slight_smile: hehe not always easy to get in here