What do the DC++ users really want?

Hello all, I figured today I’d do a more relaxed article, something to give the users more of a voice since launchpad can be a pain and more users are probably more comfortable (or it’s easier) for them to post on a forum. Today I ask the question, what do the end users of DC++ think is missing from DC++. Yes that’s right it’s a feature request thread, recently (about an hour or so ago) I posted a patch so you can right click the tray menu icon for DC++ and change your limiter speeds (albeit it’s not completely finished since the values are ‘hard coded’ into the client unlike applications such as uTorrent where it changes based on the speed you select prior), but it is a start, so come one, come all, voice your opinion, what do you think DC++ is missing in terms of features?

Just remember for every user you have at least one idea, a closed mouth don’t get fed, speak your opinion, sooner or later you will be heard, don’t leave your voice in your mind or nothing will ever get done about, we all have the power to make change happen so let’s start making it happen!

totally agrees in the topic that just remaining quiet about features that you want incorporated is a bad idea instead voice yourself and changes might occur.

100% automatic client update with saving all user settings.

that has been discussed the problem is actually US Law in this matter cause even if we wanna do it we cant due to p2p laws in the US since some of our developers are Americans along with the project being hosted in the US


Coming bit late maybe but it is not that you can’t do it… but that you shouldn’t do it (boils down to the amount of control a developing party has, here it is recommended to relinquish any and all of it). Just posting this because I doubt most that read your response are not actually going to bother reading the linked article.